Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sounds ... Devilish

Partisan Nation
Obama is not a creature of the old partisan politics of a balance of power. He prefers imbalances. He chooses chaos. By exercising power he destroys and in his ideological sphere, that destruction is creative. Destroying health care will usher in national health care. Destroying public trust in government will usher in an even more oppressive government.
It is devilish. Yes, but how do we get him out? Even the Republicans are sitting on their hands. We all know what's wrong but no one will do anything about it. Do they have the dirt on everyone? Everyone is scared? Go along to get along is the new Republican motto. So, we've already got the tyrant that no one will touch, and that's it then?

Yeah, I know some are trying but this should be a slam dunk, this administration is so corrupt that the only thing that surprises me is the complete lack of interest by the American people on this. Sign another petition, write another article, write a letter to your congressman - nothing works. We the people need to get outraged and let our government know it in no uncertain terms, without violence, but we must put some real pressure on those we elected. They have to feel it, their backs will have to be against the wall or they will do nothing. What we did for gun control barely squeaked by, there needs to be more pressure than that.

And if you are a believer, especially if you are a Christian, you're gonna need to get right with God. Whatever it takes, look at yourself through the eyes of the Word and repent of what doesn't belong. This is probably the most important thing, without it this country has no chance. We've drifted, time to get back.

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