Tuesday, August 06, 2013

He Thought the Mirror Was a Window

NYC's Good Times May Sour Like Detroit's, Bloomberg Warns
"Short-sightedness, corruption, mismanagement and perhaps most dangerous of all, special-interest politics" may lead to a reprise of New York's troubles of decades ago, Bloomberg said
Said the man who has been New York's mayor since 2002. What is it exactly that a mayor does again? So, there's short-sightedness, corruption, mismanagement and special-interest politics in the government of New York City - he's talking about the city - and he has been the leader of the city for eleven years. Instead of focusing on those problems, the mayor has been on the war path against salt, large drinks and - hey, that sounds like special interest politics.

And yes, the good times will be souring. He knows it, they all know it.

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