Friday, August 23, 2013

Windows H8

It turns out my sons computer is not activated. That means I have to call Microsoft on my knees begging for my product code. And I have been thinking very seriously about the fact of this.

It's as if I'm staying at a hotel and leave the key in the room when I go out to eat. I stop by the front desk for a duplicate only to be told, "sorry, we can't make duplicate keys, you'll have to pay for another room." But I don't want another room, I already paid for one and I just need my key to get back in - I have a receipt. Here's my ID, whatever proof you need, I'm not trying to get what I haven't paid for.

Microsoft has become that much of a tyrant? I hate tyrants.

Linux, my old friend, I think I'm coming back to you again.

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