Sunday, February 09, 2014

Honest Mistake?

Here's a good one. A guy pushes to get the SAFE Act passed, making carrying a gun on school property a felony (among other things).
"He was a well-known face in the movement for the SAFE Act, the state law that made carrying a gun on school property a felony."
The he carries a gun on school property.
"No one imagined that on Thursday he would show up at the school in possession of a gun, touching off an hours-long lockdown, search and ultimately his arrest on two felony charges."
Now they're defending him saying he didn't mean any harm. What about all the children who were punished for stupid things like finger guns or pop tart guns or t-shirts? The SAFE Act is bad law and never should have been passed, but I have no sympathy for this man at all. Karma is a bitch.

Associates defend man who had gun in school

On a side note, he has a permit to carry a gun - presumably concealed? Does New York permit open carry? - Unless it was open carry, how did anyone know he had the gun?

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