Thursday, January 22, 2004

The Future of the United States?

Read this email over at David's Blog

Americans are too busy enjoying the good life to be bothered with little things like this, I know. It's human nature to not care until it's too late.

Just Eat, Watch TV, and practice SAFE sex!

Here's another at David's Blog - different subject. What will female suicide bombers do with the virgins when they get to paradise? Do they get male virgins or are they lesbian? Where do all these virgins come from anyway? He doesn't address that part but here's what he did say:

These are very sick people. This suicide bombing was an attempt by Hamas to make Israel close all entry and thus to deprive the impoverished Palestinians who still work in Israel -- hundreds of thousands --of their livelihood so that their rage could be directed at killing more Jews. The woman pretended to have a medical problem and blew up the people who came to her aid. These barbarians count on the civilized instincts of their enemies and use their compassion to murder them. Unfortunately, there are millions of idiots on the political left in Israel and America who find this perversity compelling.

That's the truth!

Sometimes You Just can't Win

Palestinians easily scale Israel's $1.9 billion security fence

Perhaps they thought Palestinians didn't own ladders. It is funny.

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