Sunday, January 18, 2004

Palm Beach

Friday afternoon we drove down to West Palm Beach and stayed overnight for a meeting Saturday. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive down the turnpike, not too bad at all. Saturday we drove into Palm Beach to do some sightseeing. It's a beautifully kept town (it should be, it's one of the richest in Florida) and the beach is gorgeous. The ocean is a beautiful bright blue. We went on the beach a little, the kids found some shells and threw some in the water. The water was a little cold but their were plenty of people on the beach and some were swimming.

We drove on the road along the beach and looked at all the mansions, each one bigger than the next. We saw Donald Trumps place (I think it's a beach club now) and who knows what else, probably Rush Limbaughs house, too. Most of the houses are hidden behind hedges and there are alot of private drives. We drove down some side streets and the shopping streets, too. I saw 3 Ferrari's, 2 Rolls Royce's, a Porsche 356, alot of other Porsches but I see them everywhere (ho hum). Palm Beach seems like a beautiful little community if you are rich beyond your wildest dreams, otherwise, except to go to the beach, there's not much point to going there. Unless you like to gawk at the rich going about their business (I don't care for it). I couldn't help thinking that one serious hurricane and the place would be wiped out, it really is a small island, but it's been there since 1911, so ho knows. I saw first-hand the destruction down by Miami after Andrew. That was sad. There is no stopping the forces of nature when your towns number comes up. Anyway, I wish them well, I wouldn't wish an Andrew on anyone.

We went to a Chinese restaurant called Crazy Buffet (in West Palm) for dinner. It was a great place. The sushi bar was huge and I sort of overdid the sushi part a bit. It was fresh, delicious and there was alot more choice than I'm used to. When I lived in Japan, I went to a sushi bar and never really got into it. I didn't care for it until about 2 years ago. Even now I stick with "clean" fish (salmon and tuna mostly), no invertebrates, but I do love it. After eating we said goodbye to our friends and I drove home so I could go to work and when I get off I want to sleep. I hope Irma takes the kids to her Moms house so I can sleep undisturbed.

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