Tuesday, February 17, 2004


China's 'gendercide' crisis

This is the story of a huge, well armed nation in trouble. Not good.

In addition, to an aging population, China increasingly is developing a population dominated by males. This, too, is a direct offshoot of the one-child policy, which has resulted in the "disappearance" of millions of girls – most of whom are assumed to have been killed at birth or shortly afterward, while others were the victims of sex-selection abortion procedures. Many other young girls are put up for foreign adoption. Two-thirds of Chinese children put up for adoption are female.

As first reported in WorldNetDaily, in September 1997, the World Health Organization released a report at WHO's Regional Committee for the Western Pacific that said more than 50 million women were estimated to be "missing" in China because of the institutionalized killing and neglect of girls due to Beijing's population control program that limits parents to one child.

WHO documented what can only be described as the biggest single holocaust in human history – and doing it in a surprisingly clinical and low-key fashion. It was characterized in that WorldNetDaily report, for the first time, as "gendercide," a phrase that has been picked up by other organizations and activists around the globe.

Educate yourself about a dangerous country that is literally surrounding us with a huge shipping presence and control of the Panama Canal.


Yesterday I could not keep my eyes open, I was so tired. Poor James wanted to play outside but I didn't let him. He wouldn't take a nap either. He went to bed like I told him at naptime but he just played silently for a couple of hours on his bed until he came into my room and watched TV on my bed. I really need him to take a nap. I'll have to take him outside later today and let him run around and get tired.

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