Monday, August 16, 2004

What Does It Mean?

What does it mean when you come home from work and find a half eaten mole on your front porch. I mean, it is something like finding a horses head in your bed? Does it mean a cat has it in for you? I better watch my back.

Did you see the picture I posted of the building with the roof blown off, the one where you can see the rafters? Well, today they folded it back down into place. Weird. It's a metal roof and I guess it just rolled up and over the other side. So they just rolled it back.

Power is back on along the main roads and alot of people have power now. The 24hr Walmart closed around 6 pm today, I don't know why. I thought, now that there is power, that the gas stations would start pumping gas again. Guess not. I waited in line for 40 minutes to get gas this morning. Only a few gas stations are pumping and they are running out of gas fast. This evening it was the same.

There is still no power at work. It isn't fun. The generator we have is having problems still. We can't find a gasket to fit that doesn't get ruined by the gas. Hopefully today they were able to get one. You can't just buy one anywhere. More and more damage is becoming apparent too. It rained yesterday and we discovered the roof leaks. Bad.

Last night I was able to use a power invertor hooked up to my car to run a light, a radio, and a fan. It really helped alot. At 5:30am I just turned everything off and sat in the dark watching all the cars go by. Where are they all going? Looking for gas I bet.

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