Friday, January 21, 2005

A Blessing in Disguise

The other day I was cleaning my glasses and, much to my surprise, they broke. They were the kind with a one piece stem coming from the side of the lens and bending back to the the ear and were made of magnesium. They were very flexible and it really surprised me when they broke. I bought them about a year and a half ago at a Target and I went back there today to see if they had the same kind so I could just swap the lenses because I can't really afford to buy new glasses right now.

Well, they don't carry them any more. I was disapointed, but when she checked my information it turned out I had a 2 year warranty on them (I did not know that!) and I could get a complete new pair of glasses for about $35.00. Sounded like a deal to me! I picked out, with a little help, a pair made of titanium (because I like titanium and they are light, light, light), paid the $35.00 and now I have to wait a week to get them. The only bad part.

The wonderful thing is, I really needed to get new glasses anyway because these had been beat up by James quite a few times and they were also a bit scratched. I can see clearly through my sunglasses but with the broken pair things were a little weird because they were not aligned right and because of the scratches. I'm happy, happy, happy. $35.00!

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