Thursday, January 27, 2005


That's what my fish tank looks like lately, since adding the 3 Iridescent Sharks. At first, they were swimming around quite a bit, but they have since all but disappeared. Even the Jack Dempsey has been hiding more than he used to, although he comes out and interacts with us enough to know he is OK. Most of the time, if I'm sitting on the sofa and looking at the tank, all I see is rocks and water. This is very disappointing.

My plan is to set up a smaller tank, buy some Tiger Barbs and grow them up to the point it is safe to put them in with the Jack. I want a little more flash in the tank. I thought about adding another cichlid but I'm afraid fighting would break out. I know fighting would break out! I really like Oscars and would love to add one. I have to give that more thought, I need a place to put him if it doesn't work out. An outdoor pond would be nice.

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