Monday, January 10, 2005

Winter Cleaning

I started deep cleaning the fish tank yesterday and continued today. I took all the rocks out, brought them to the back yard and pressure washed them. Then I started pressure washing a part of the house and had to keep going because it looked funny with a clean spot. I only did the back today though. I need a ladder to do the sides. While I was at it I cleaned the deck, too. The fish tank is almost clean, I want to get every last bit of sediment from the gravel. I won't, you never can, but I need to do more. I found coins, sticks, crayons, tires from a toy car, pieces from the backing of an area rug and a necklace that said Joshua on it. (He was looking for that!) Of course, James was responsible for all that stuff in the tank, it looked like a real lake! Poor fish.

By the way, it reached 80 degrees today!

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