Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gitmo Suicides

Rusty Humphries has some things to say about what happened down there and why. I've listened to his radio show when he's been to Gitmo and reported from there. He has had almost free rein on his visits, they let him go where ever he wanted with very few restrictions - for his safety. Some facts about Gitmo suicides

Let me clear some things up.

I have been to Guantanamo Bay on numerous occasions. According to press and attorney reports, the three men who committed suicide had been cut off from their families and "driven to despair." What a load of garbage! These men were not "driven by despair." These were crazies who believed a dream by a Muslim leader living at Gitmo. He claimed that in his dream, three "brothers" (Muslims) would have to die before the U.S. would shut the camp down. Since then, the "brothers" have been lining up to martyr themselves. I have reported on this "dream" for over two years. The media has known this as well and have chosen not to report it, even now after the prisoners have achieved the first part of their goal.

This was an act of an al-Qaida operative, a terrorist recruiter and a front-line Taliban fighter - in other word... terrorists. They are seeking to manipulate the weak-minded.

And the weak-minded are eating it up.

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