Thursday, June 15, 2006

Watch Out For That Motel

Car Crashes Into Motel In Osceola County

Again. Just a couple of weeks ago or so a car demolished a brick wall in front of the same motel. I've posted at least twice before about cars hitting that motel.

The last accident at the intersection of SR-535 and US-192 was just two weeks ago. It took out part of a decorative wall.

And in January of this year, three people were killed when a driver lost control at the same intersection slamming right into the Golden Link Motel. Troopers said speed was a factor in that crash.

The wreck also prompted DOT to conduct a study of the intersection and already the department had some thoughts on how to make the end of SR-535 more obvious to drivers.

DOT believes more pavement markings and a sign in front of the motel pointing drivers left off of SR-535 may help responsible drivers. As for impaired or reckless drivers DOT is less confident.

More pavement markings and a bigger sign ain't gonna cut it. I don't know what they are called but I've been on some roads that have little slots cut into the road that make a loud noise when you go over them to warn you to slow down or stay on the road. When you come to the end of a road they have 3 or 4 sections of this, closer together as you come nearer to the end and it seems to me this would help a lot at that intersection.

Why it takes the DOT so long come up with their thoughts, I don't know. Since January they "already" had some thoughts. It's their job, they should already know what works and what doesn't. Maybe they should assign a committee to research the idea, spread a little more of that taxpayer money around.

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