Friday, September 08, 2006

Freedom of Speech Pronounced Dead

by Howard, and he's got a good point.

So because powerful government figures who are only theoretically out of power did not like the content of a movie, they made it clear that they would put Disney/ABC out of business by canceling their broadcast licenses. And because plenty of Republicans looked bad and the 9/11 commission looked bad our people "in power" castrated the Republic. Never did any of us think we'd see the day this could happen, but the fact is now clear that the minority party is so powerful they can cause license revocation if anyone dares to present something they don't like. Not one time in the history of the Republic have we seen the government take over a media company til now. The Democrats, the minority party, have informed Disney and ABC that they will put them out of business if Paths to 9/11 is shown unless it is sanitized to their satisfaction. The same people who railed at the old Hayes Code, the Legion of Decency, and all attempts to set up a government media company, those wonderful patriots have taken over ALL MEDIA while we slept.

From now on every book publisher is on notice that they can be put out of business by powerful people in government. Everything we see and hear from now on must be approved by the government, or else. And we won't even peep. We are cowed dogs tranquilized by all the comforts (drugs, music, movies, celebrity gossip) of a decaying culture.

Go read the whole thing, I just pulled out of the middle. There's a lot more going on than the American public cares to know anymore and when the cats away, the mice will play. The American public is supposed to be in ultimate control of these clowns, but we don't even care what they do as long as we don't miss "our show." Sometimes they are the show.

The Democrats are a bigger threat to our democracy than the Terrorists.

Yes, but ultimately, we are all responsible. This has been a long time coming and the signs have been there for all who care to see.

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