Friday, September 22, 2006

To Kill or Not to Kill?

From And the Truth Shall Set You Free on the Faith Freedom website.

Does your faith endorse violence, or does it not? If it doesn't endorse violence, then how can you react with violence? And if it does in fact endorse violence, then what exactly is your gripe, man?

Also on that website is another article, Islam was Not Spread with The Help of Sword!

This author explains how utterly peace loving the Muslims have been lo these hundreds of years but, now, they just can't take any more and they are going to kill us all. Please read this, it is vitally important that everyone understand this. You get to laugh in the next post but right now understand that millions of people actually believe this stuff. Really.

Muslims have taken thus far all the wild accusations and allegations against their Prophet and the religiion he founded by lying low. They hoped that the innuendos against their religion would stop one day, but that has not happened. Instead, the enemies of Islam have intensified their attacks on their peaceful religion. Being peace-loving followers of Islam, Muslims suffered them with smiles on their faces. They did not resort to violence even when some of the western newspapers blasphemed against their Prophet by publishing his cartoons.

Even the Pope has failed to check his temptation to malign Islam, and he joined those who are bent upon harming it.

Enough is enough. Muslims will not tolerate the excesses of the enemies of Islam any further. They have risen up and are now determined to take on the whole non-Muslim world in order to defend their religion. They have also realized that they cannot protect their religion from the attacks of its enemies until all of them are converted to Islam.

So, be aware the non-Muslims of the world! You have provoked the peace-loving Muslims into taking drastic actions against you and all those you love.

To take revenge, Muslims are coming to your door-steps. They will do what their predecessors had never done: they will now use sword, or any weapon that kills, to force you to accept Islam.

If you refuse to follow their orders, they will kill you and convert your sisters, wives and daughters into their slaves. They will ravage everything you have built and then will rebuild them on the pattern described by Islam.

Muslims will remove all the injustices from the face of the earth. They have already done that in the countries they call [Islamic States]. In their states, Muslims have been enjoying all the amenities, and bliss, of heaven. In these states, there is no crime; all the people are equal, and there is no enmity among their inhabitants, for Islam is the only religion that promotes love and affection among its followers.

Before falling on you with all their vengeance, Muslims want to give you a chance: you should listen carefully to their protest against the remarks of the Pope and cave in to their demands. You should do exactly what they want you to do. Your failure to listen to them, and in time, will spell doom for you and for all those who are around you.

If and when you, the non-Muslims of the world, face doom, you will not be able to claim that you were not warned. You have been warned adequately. But you refused to listen. So, whatever happens to you, it will be the consequence of your own misconception, failure and foolishness.

Neither will you be able to blame the Muslims for your plights and sufferings. They, too, have given you enough indications of their intentions. You elected to ignore them. So, be prepared to be killed, or to live as slaves of your Muslim masters.

Yes, we have been warned. Over and over and over. When will we take it seriously? Do we really have to lose a city or two before we get it?

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