Saturday, March 22, 2008

It's Come To this

"You're not allowed in Canada to speak in a persuasive way about your own faith,"

Canada orders ministry by Christians shut down

"The Canadian government has ordered a Christian ministry that teaches doctrine and the differences between Christians and cults shut down because its reference materials were "critical" of the beliefs of those who are not Christian,"

How sad, you're not allowed to think for yourself in Canada. What's next? No scientific theory may be thought better than another? If someone believes the earth is flat you can't point out any flaws in his thinking? You'll have to ban all text books that don't teach all possible thoughts on a subject equally no matter how insane it may appear. Hey, if someone, somewhere believes it, you can't offend them.

Where else can you go? How sad for Canadians. Not that America is all that far behind.

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