Monday, March 17, 2008

Who is Obama, What Does He Stand For?



Still don't know, eh? Doesn't matter to me anyway, I always thought he was wrong for president and unless he sees the light and becomes an ex-liberal, I always will.

I also know that Jeremiah Wright is not speaking the truth in his sermons, bits of truth thrown in here and there, perhaps, but not the truth. A very, very warped reality. I'm not saying he doesn't believe it, he may, but he's wrong. Where is this KKK-A, anyway? It's reputation far exceeds it's presence. It's more of a projected reality, that's the image you expect, that's the image you see. Let go of the past, it's gone, what's left is mostly held up with hot air.

Also see Down the memory hole: Wright’s testimonial deleted from Obama’s website.

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