Saturday, April 05, 2008

He's right, You Know

Henry Lamb: When will Islamic extremism be stopped?

Americans who fail to recognize that the war is between Islamic extremism and freedom – regardless of whether the bombs explode in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gaza or Indonesia – have their heads in the sand. Those who think Iraq is simply a civil war between warring factions are way too near-sighted. Those who say that the Muslims are just reacting to our presence in their country fail to recognize the forces in conflict.

Anyone who believes that Muslim extremists will suddenly disavow their quest to rule the world when American troops leave their soil is naïve in the extreme. Anyone who believes that freedom, as practiced in the United States, can co-exist with the Islam advanced by the extremists is worse than naïve. The Europeans and Americans who are condemning Geert Wilders for making a film that displays Muslim clerics reciting the Quran and statements from Muslim extremists are empowering the extremists. The truth must be told, and told forcefully.

Those who contend that U.S. policy should be to "live and let live" overlook the simple truth that to be successful, this policy must be embraced by all participants. Even a casual review of the Quran reveals that this idea has no place in Islam. Sooner or later, if Muslim extremism is to be stopped, American blood, treasure and determination will have to stop it. If not now, when? If not there, here!

It's going to get messy, they are not going away without a fight and they will not allow us to live in peace with them, they want our subjugation or our death.

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