Sunday, April 13, 2008

Out of Touch, Out of Time

The real Obama shows up in San Francisco - Newt Gingrich

If you go to the most expensive private school in Hawaii and then move on to Columbia University and Harvard Law School, you may not understand normal Americans. Their beliefs are so alien to your leftwing viewpoint that you have to seek some psychological explanation for what seem to be weird ideas.

They can't really believe in the right to bear arms.

They can't really believe in traditional marriage.

They can't really believe in their faith in God.

They can't really want to enforce the law on immigration.

Therefore, they must be "bitter" and "frustrated."

This is the closest Senator Obama has come to openly sharing his wife's view that "America is a mean country". Not since Governor Dukakis have we seen anyone so out of touch with normal Americans. It makes perfect sense that it was in a fundraiser in San Francisco that he would have shared the views he has so carefully kept hidden for the entire campaign.

That's pretty much what I thought when I heard what Obama said about small towns. His correction doesn't even make sense.

He meant, he said, that voters in places that had been losing jobs for years expressed their anxiety at the polls by focusing on cultural and social issues like gun laws and immigration.

No, if they are focusing on gun laws it's because people like Obama want to take away their right to own them and if they are focusing on immigration laws it's because America is being flooded with people coming into the country illegally and not integrating into our society and our elected representatives are enabling the situation instead of curtailing it.

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