Monday, April 28, 2008

Punishing the Law Abiding

I found this interesting. Apparently, people of downtown Los Angeles enjoy their hotdogs wrapped in bacon. The hotdog venders want to sell hotdogs so they wrap them in bacon, but that's illegal (health department regulations) so it's become sort of an underground practice. Get caught, face fines and jail time. A licensed vender takes a big chance selling the illegal hotdogs or loses business to... unlicensed venders, who are probably illegal aliens to boot. Unlicensed venders sell the bacon wrapped goodness right out in the open with no apparent fear of the law. I don't know what happens to them if they are caught beyond having their hotdogs and tiny, improvised cart thrown out, almost no investment to lose. It can't be too much more than that or there wouldn't be so many out on the streets. Of course, the legal vender can purchase a cart that they can legally sell bacon-dogs from - for about $26,000.

Drew Carey explains it in this video.

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