Friday, June 27, 2008

Future Darwin Award Winners Apply Here

You have 24 ounces of beer on hand and only 2 seconds to drink it. What to do?

Bierstick to the rescue!

I have never understood the appeal of drinking - ever. I have a little wine or a beer now and then but once I've had it I never have a desire for more. A Pina Colada tastes good as long as there is no alcohol in it. Eggnog is good as long as there is no alcohol in it. For me, alcohol ruins the taste of every drink I've ever had. "Try this, you can't even taste the alcohol." Yes, I can.

As for drinking to get drunk? I deal with drunks all the time. I deal with drunks checking into the hotel. I've dealt with fellow employees coming in not coming in after drinking the night before. Employees who you couldn't give their paychecks to until the workday was over or they would leave immediately. Either way, you wouldn't see them the next day, possibly 2 days. I've dealt with alcoholics who couldn't stop, people who would start on the road to recovery, who were doing so good and then throw it all away. One old guy I knew ended up living in a little tent behind a tourist information center waiting for his social security check to buy bus fare to Arizona (his home) so he could live and die alone in the desert, him and a picture of his ole dog. No thank you.

I am a stranger in a strange land.

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