Thursday, June 19, 2008

They Want To Nationalize the Oil Industry

The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, we're not a strict democracy, we're not a Socialist, Marxist, or Communist country - much to the chagrin of Democrats - and our Constitution clearly limits the powers of the federal government. Nevertheless, Democrats and, to a slightly lesser degree, Republicans have not been careful to ensure they have not overstepped those bounds. In some cases, in fact, they have leapt over them like Superman leaps over tall buildings. The welfare state comes to mind. Social Security. The socialized health care they so desperately want. I'm just scratching the surface. We let them get away with this behavior because we want something for nothing - and they want the power.

Now they want to nationalize the oil industry. When is enough, enough? It's past time to hit these people upside the head with a clue bat. Our Constitution does not allow for the nationalization of any industry. Period. Just suggesting the idea should be grounds for removal from office. Socialist/Marxist ideas do not fit within the framework of our Constitution. They are not allowed. They are verboten. And besides that they just plain don't work, unless your aim is the lowest common denominator.

So, what do we do now that we have let our politicians slide into socialism for so long that they are at this point of openly declaring that they want to nationalize the oil industry? There is no easy way back from this point. It's been said that you get the government you deserve, maybe that's it. Most Americans no longer rely on God for their daily bread or acknowledge His existence or just give Him lip service. As socialism has slipped in, it has pushed God out. So, let the government provide. The same government that has nothing to provide, save as it first takes.

I am not calling for putting God in our government, but for not putting government in place of God. Very big difference. Our tool has become our master. Time to repent.

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