Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Is Like The Beast?

Evil Words by Lenny Cacchio

"How downright treasonable to ask God for bread instead of applying to proper Communist authorities! How criminal to imply that the new People's Republic was an evil from which one needed deliverance!

Too many movers and shakers of this world, whether Communist or not, want us to look to them for our sustenance and security. In them would reside our retirement and employment security, our food, our shelter, and our clothing. To them we are to look for our protection and support.

This has been becoming clearer to me lately, especially with the sight of the Obamaniacs. How could so many people be so fooled by the beast power as described in the Bible (Revelation 13:3,4)? And then I see it on a much smaller scale around Obama or Gore, and by the whole liberal machine. This is the spirit of anti-Christ in our midst, not "the" anti-Christ, not the final or even the only realization - not at all - but the spirit, the tone, the mood is there. That's the direction it will take, but on a global stage.

My opinion, worth price charged.

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