Monday, September 01, 2008

Wolf Spiders

I know they are basically harmless but they look like they're going to jump on your neck and rip your head off. And they are fast. The other day I was putting stuff in the car to go to work, lifted the tailgate, and there it was on the window above my head. I grabbed a towel I had there and pushed it out - I thought. I couldn't see it anymore because it was dark. James was getting in the passenger seat and started yelling about a spider. I looked over and saw it on the window behind the rear seat. I grabbed it with the towel, made sure I got it and flung it into the darkness. Hopefully dead. Let them live somewhere else.

Last night I was driving with James again - in the dark - and he started screaming about a bug. It must have crawled on his hand. After I recovered from a near wreck he said he couldn't find it and we kept on. He had put the light on though and finally saw it so I stopped and killed it. It was a spider, not a wolf spider, but about a inch long brown spider.

I only like spiders when they stay outside, if they enter my house or car, all bets are off. They are not staying and they probably won't survive my getting them out.

Click here and scroll down to check out pictures of wolf spiders.

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