Saturday, September 06, 2008

Zombie Constitutionalists

Is Joe Biden really all there?

I am hardly a Bush apologist. I believe emphatically the Bush administration has violated the Constitution time and time again. But so has Biden. So has nearly every member of Congress. If we're going to start prosecuting for that offense, we're going to need internment camps near Washington, D.C., for the show trials.

Until that time comes, it's probably best to appeal to the American people to reclaim their Constitution and make them the enforcers.

We've drifted so far from our constitutional heritage that neither party really recognizes the strict limits our founders placed on the actions and powers of the federal government.

No one wants to see the Constitution respected and revered and upheld and obeyed in Washington more than I.

But Joe Biden and Barack Obama are proponents of a "living Constitution" that changes to suit their own crazy ideas. Do you know what a "living Constitution" really is? It's a dead Constitution. It's one that means anything you want it to mean – which is to say it means nothing at all.

Do we really want to put the power to prosecute political enemies in the hands of people like that?

Not me.

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