Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mexico Has Some Serious Internal Problems

Don't Blame Us for Mexico's Murder Problem

It matches nicely with the insane message that our unaccountable Fedzilla beast has been sending loud and clear to law breakers and America-haters for at least 30 years: Come one, come all to the good ol’ USA, invade us at will and we will reward you handsomely with all the healthcare, welfare and hand-held lessons in recidivism that an out-of-touch, anti-American government could possibly provide you with.

And the icing on the invader cake is that if any of our heroes of law enforcement, dedicated and sworn to defend our sacred U.S. Constitution and enforce our laws while, dare interfere with your invasion, we will give you a free get out of jail card while we actually imprison our own warriors if they shoot you in the butt.

Bring drugs, destroy America, bloodsuck us dry while maintaining allegiance to the corrupt hellhole of a tyranny you so desperately take your life into your own hands to escape, and you will be treated better than many Americans will be.

The producers of Planet of the Apes would reject a script like the one unfolding before our very eyes because it's too stupid to believe. Too stupid, that is, for everybody but cult of denial leftists hell-bent on collaborating with the invaders to assist in the destruction of America from within. Liberalism is cannibalism.

Liberals are immune to facts. That’s why Hillary Clinton -- when she’s not tossing ash trays at Bill -- spouts the absurd lies that estimate over 90% of Mexican drug cartel guns come from the U.S., including the weapon of choice down there, the machine gun.

Lighten up, Hill baby. And write this down: the irrefutable fact of the matter is that the actual number of machine guns from the U.S. used by Mexican or any other criminals anywhere is zero. As in none, zilch, nada, nuthin, nary a one. You can’t just buy one in any U.S. gun store, and to get one at all requires a mountain of Fedzilla paperwork that few Americans are willing to put up with.

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