Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Why Ignore the Obvious?

Mark Steyn filled in for Rush Limbaugh Monday. Here are some quotes from the show.

  • "We're building a world right now in which the wealthiest nations in history from Norway to New Zealand, are incapable of defending their borders; while decrepit Third World basket cases from North Korea to Sudan, go nuclear. How long do you think that arrangement is going to last?" -- Mark Steyn

  • "Obama calls for 'a world without nuclear weapons.' North Korea is assisting the Iranians with their delivery system and the Iranians are promising to share their nukes with Sudan. We're not going to have a world without nuclear weapons, and incidentally he's volunteering to give up the American ones first." -- Mark Steyn

  • It's a mean world and sometimes you need to be mean, if the alternative is Princess Fluffy Bunny pledging to surrender American nuclear weapons. This is an absurd position for the last superpower to be taking. It's doing great damage and poses a great danger." -- Mark Steyn

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