Tuesday, May 05, 2009

But We Don't Torture


Up to 16 weeks of pregnancy, a procedure called vacuum aspiration is used to kill babies. After 16 weeks, abortionists kill babies using a procedure called dilation and evacuation. After 20 weeks, the killing of an unborn baby is euphemistically called partial-birth abortion. To avoid murder charges, the abortionist partially delivers the baby, leaving the head inside. A probe is inserted into the baby’s skull to kill him.

(Between the 16th and 24th weeks, "doctors" sometime perform saline abortions. A solution is injected into the uterus to produce contractions to expel the baby. Dead on arrival.)

Water boarding a known, unrepentant terrorist - who thinks he worships his god by killing as many innocent people as possible in the most horrific way possible - in order to get information to save more innocent lives is wrong, but sticking a probe into the head of a beautiful, innocent little baby in order to kill him is a human right? Not just a human right, but the government must subsidize it?

I thought the whole impetus of evolution was survival of the species? Why are our so-called and self-proclaimed intellectuals taking us down the road to collective suicide? America must be sacrificed to the god of globalism.

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