Thursday, May 07, 2009

Take 'em For All Their Worth

Chrysler Restructuring Plan a Power Grab

Under the Obama administration's proposal, Chrysler would, in essence, be given to Fiat, an Italian company, to operate.

So, how is an Italian car manufacturer operating in Michigan any more "American" than a Japanese manufacturer operating in Kentucky?

And why should the federal government give a market preference - through taxpayer financing and warrantee guarantees - to Italian cars produced by American workers in Michigan over Japanese cars produced by American workers in Kentucky?

The Obama administration's proposed restructuring is more than just unjustified, however. It dangerously undermines the rule of law, as explicated so beneficially by Friedrich Hayek in his classic, "The Road to Serfdom."

America is being looted and gutted by the very people running the country and will be left for dead, just like the mafia run a business into the ground, shake out all the money they can wring from it, and burn it down for the insurance.

The problem is in both party's, the difference being the Republicans usually have a little bit of shame in the back of their minds and try to hide it, Democrats just do it right out in the open and deny, deny, deny.

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