Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Danger? There isn't Any Danger.

Has Obama given up on halting Iran?

Kedar, who served in Military Intelligence for 25 years, said US President Barack Obama was "at peace" with the idea of a nuclear Iran.

"You can tell from how the Americans talk. Look at how [US special envoy] George Mitchell talks, or how Obama talks. I don't see them being pressured by this threat. They have shown no urgent desire to change this reality," he added.

"Obama has given up," Kedar said.

I don't think he ever considered halting them, there was nothing in his mind to give up. This is very unfortunate, indeed, for the entire world because Iran will use the weapons once they have them and it will not be pretty.

Iran's nuclear weapons program, uncovered by Democrats

Lest anyone think that these materials may have innocent uses, Mr. Morgenthau added that "we have consulted with top experts in the field from MIT and from private industry and from the CIA… Frankly, some of the people we've consulted are shocked by the sophistication of the equipment they're buying."

This is too dangerous to ignore.

The president is trying to vote "present" on this issue, but he looks to be missing in inaction.

This is just a distraction from his real interest - destroying the economy of the United States.

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