Friday, September 11, 2009


A communist has profaned the presidency

While individuals in accord with my thinking might enjoy what I articulate, and the open-minded may gain clarity from it, nothing I nor anyone else asserts is going to sway the dedicated progressives, socialists and Marxists against whom our nation now struggles. That sort of fundamental transformation of mind can only have its genesis in trauma or revelatory experience of a magnitude beyond human design, such as that which occasionally reforms a lifelong criminal or substance abuser. The core beliefs of these individuals are so deeply irrational and their devotion to same so perverse that it is difficult not to ascribe them to either psychological pathology or demonic influence.

Add to that the cultish dedication of President Obama's supporters, which remains truly disturbing. I've spoken with people who couldn't have cared less about any given president throughout their adult lives, but who lose their minds when someone makes a claim they consider unseemly pertaining to this president.

One of the most distressing things characterizing these people is the ability they have developed for utterly dehumanizing those whom they perceive as their opposition. This phenomenon has been very soberly and widely discussed in the public arena, particularly since World War II; we have realized that it's a lot easier to march someone you don't consider human into a gas chamber.

The wild-eyed, shrill, ardent supporters of President Obama and his policies now openly advocate the liberal infusion of Marxism into our political process, a course that has resulted in more deaths than the Nazi pogroms in other nations. They routinely express sympathy for and defend the rights of radical Islamists, people who would rape them and slit their throats without a nanosecond's hesitation. Multimillionaire Hollywood directors produce films elevating Marxism and tyrants, while denigrating capitalism and America – and they are lauded as artistic geniuses.

If this is not irrationality, what is?

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