Friday, September 04, 2009

Tired of the B.S.?

Yeah...I'm Tired of it too

Tired of what? The health care debate, that's what. I'm with you .. I'm weary of the debate as well. That, though, is just what the left wants' They would love nothing more than to see the public's intense interest in their attempt to put our health care system under government control wane.

You have to stay on task, people. The left is very patient. After their earlier attempt - HillaryCare - failed in 1993 they sat back and waited. They knew they would have another shot at nationalized medicine .. and that chance came with Democrat control of Washington on January 20, 2009. The left will never give up their dream of government-controlled health care, and you can never give up fighting it.

Why is control of health care so important? No - it has nothing to do with making sure that all Americans have affordable health care. The best way to make health care affordable in this country is to bring in the all-time champion of meeting consumer needs ... the free marketplace. The left wants nothing to do with the free market though. When the free market works its magic it does nothing to empower government or the party in control of government. Look at it this way: If the private sector is doing a good job of delivering health care services to the bulk of the American people, the Democrats won't be able to use one of their favorite campaign themes when an election rolls around. They won't be able to say "Vote for the Republicans and they'll take your health care away." You, knowing that you receive your health care from the free marketplace, would see that campaign rhetoric as complete absurd.

The only thing Democrats have to sell to you in an election is government. They are the party of government. Big government - bigger government. Democrats never sell freedom. Expanding the government's grip on our economy only serves the left's quest for power .. it certainly does nothing for the people. Have you seen the evidence that government health care would be better than that delivered by the private sector? No, me neither.

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