Thursday, September 24, 2009

Why Newspapers are Failing

Scoop! Author Shown to Have Ties to Publisher!

So, on the one hand, we have Breitbart's scoop — a federally favored organization closely tied to the President is offering public money to subsidize child-sex slavery from the Third World — and, on the other, we have the Post's scoop — the people behind the scoop are revealed to have shadowy ties to their publisher.

This is why the Post is losing a buck ten per copy it sells. Putting aside its biases, it pursues them in ways that are portentous and unreadable — even if you agree politically. That's why even Americans who are interested in newspapers look elsewhere. It's nothing to do with new technology: U.S. newspapers are the dullest in the English-speaking world. If they had a care for their business, the Post wouldn't be "exposing" Breitbart, they'd be hiring him.

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