Thursday, March 25, 2010


Federal government = Godzilla by Frank J

The federal government is Godzilla. That's the easiest way to look at it. It's this giant, lumbering beast that is marginally under our command. So what do you do with such a thing? Well, if you need to destroy Tokyo (which is something we tasked our government with in the 40s), then it’s well suited for such a task. Godzilla is great at smashing things and can easily unleash havoc.

But let’s say we don’t need to smash something at the moment. Let’s say instead we want it to feed the poor. Well, I guess Godzilla could carry a bunch of food and try to hand it out to the little ants in front of it, but it’s likely to crush a bunch of people and smash a few buildings in the process. It’s so big, it might not even notice that and think it’s doing a great job. And the bigger we make Godzilla, the less it’ll hear our pleas and the more likely it is to unwittingly crush and destroy things while trying to be helpful.

And if Godzilla is in the middle of trying to help us and we accidentally make it mad…

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