Sunday, March 21, 2010

We're From the Government and We're Here to Help

Political autism by Pat Boone

Whatever the cause (and I think I've diagnosed it), many of our elected leaders in Congress are behaving as if they've contracted a kind of "political autism." They seem strangely divorced from reality, out of touch with the people who elected them, unable to think rationally. They've collectively abandoned common sense and embarked on some wildly unreasonable courses, seemingly oblivious to the protests and outcries of a majority of American citizens, the very people whom they swore to represent and whose security and well-being they pledged to protect.

Even faced with dire consequences to their own futures and the very future of this country they profess to love, they are on the verge of saddling all of us with unimaginable, unprecedented, un-repayable debt, threatening to drive the United States of America into bankruptcy and economic ruin.

When sensible people try to show these "public servants" that they're plunging all of us over a precipice to financial destruction, they respond (if they even do respond) that they're "doing this for our good," that they're "giving us what we need, and all deserve," that we should honor them for signing into law a massive takeover of our whole health-care system, and that once it's enacted we'll all get to find out what's in this 2,700-page monstrosity of a bill, which even those voting on it can't understand, and many haven't bothered or had the opportunity to read.

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