Thursday, May 19, 2011

Must. Control. Everything.

Shut Out: White House Punishes Boston Herald for Paper’s Romney Coverage
The Boston Herald has just released e-mails between the outlet and White House spokesman Matt Lehrich, in which Lehrich explains why the administration has decided to deny full access to one of the Herald's reporters. Why? Lehrich questions if the Herald is "unbiased." Why exactly? Because he objected to an op-ed by Mitt Romney being placed on the paper's front page in March, and news of a presidential visit not getting the same treatment.

The White House wants to control the news. Didn't I just see that storyline in the Green Hornet?

Scanlon: You understand nothing, so I'm gonna explain it to you very simply... If you ever come across any article regarding a major crime, a man named Benjamin Chudnofsky or anything that makes this city think that I am not the fine line protecting the light from the darkness, you're gonna bring it to me. You're gonna bring it to me and I'm gonna tell you whether it's OK to print in your stupid, little newspaper. That's how I did it with your dad, that's how you and I are gonna do it.

Britt: Scanlon, you're saying you want me to let you write the news?

Scanlon: Finally! You understand.

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