Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Power Over the People

Is this not the most pathetic country in the world? All the pretending and the extreme sadness behind it all. Cuba is like this to a lesser extant, China too. I remember USSR and what it was like for them, how some would risk their lives to escape, especially at the Berlin Wall. I remember reading those stories while it was still going on. They still risk their lives getting out of Cuba.

I really feel for the people living in North Korea now. I don't know but they seem as though they have accepted their fate. Perhaps it seems that way because there is so little chance of escape, or because the escape attempts are through China and they are never heard from again. Or perhaps because we just hear nothing at all from the real people in the real towns living real lives.

Even in the West our politicians put on the everything is under control mask while the country crumbles beneath. It's so sad that superficiality is the way of the world. There is no substance, a house of cards with no foundation. If we can just believe in nothing hard enough, just spend even more money we don't have, just fool the people a little longer, and whitewash everything in good intentions.

Maybe the people who do this don't intend it this way, they probably really want to better the lives of the people but they just don't know how. They learn all the theory in school, but when they get their turn at the wheel they can't do it. Everything they try makes it worse but they can't accept responsibility for it, they won't accept the blame, they can never admit that they don't know how so they have to keep faking it. They have to lie, they have to protect the lies, they have to shut up anyone who would dare call them out or question them. No one must know the depths of their inadequacy and they lash out with as much power as they have to protect that.

Sadly, it works the same way in religions. Just try to leave Islam, or even read a Jewish or Christian Bible if you are a Muslim. Bring a Bible into Saudi Arabia. The walls may not be physical but they are just as real. Some Jew and Christian synagogues and churches do the same, not as violently, but if you step out of their bounds of acceptable thinking - watch out - you will be ridiculed, black balled, cast out. Not quite in the same league as Islam but effective nonetheless.

The effect is to keep you from knowing the truth - that the leaders are wrong, that they don't really know what they are talking about. They only want you to believe what they tell you to believe because if you knew the truth you wouldn't listen to them anymore.

I don't no where I'm going with this and I'm out of time, this was totally on the fly. Be a spiritual free agent as we should all be free citizens. Seek God with all of your heart and all of your strength - earnestly - and you will find Him. He is not hiding, we are.

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