Thursday, August 04, 2011

Government Overreach

Young girl saves a baby bird from a cat, mother gets fined $535
Today's shining example of "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" comes from Fredericksburg, VA, where a young girl prevented the family cat from pouncing on a lost baby woodpecker and her mom ended up with a $535 ticket (and faces the possibility of jail time) for violating the Federal Migratory Bird Act.

Despite the fact that 11-year-old Skylar Capo actually saved the tiny lost woodpecker from a violent death, and then successfully released the bird back into the wild, a Virginia State Trooper was still dispatched to the Capo home where Skylar’s mom was slapped with the $535 ticket.
I want to know who called the police. Who calls the police because a little girl saves a bird from a cat? Probably the same person who calls the police because a kid makes a lemonade stand.

Edit 8/4: When Obama hands you lemons...
. . . the state enforcers won't let you make lemonade.

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