Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Spoiled Masses

You want to see face of 'terrorism'?
I've been watching the coverage of the Philadelphia and London riots for days, and not one public official, not one reporter, no one has called the perpetrators of these acts of violence what they are – terrorists.

I honestly believe this is what happens to societies that try to bribe the disenchanted with "entitlements" and welfare. It doesn't lead to a more peaceful society. It leads to a more expectant and demanding underclass.

That's what we are seeing in London and Philadelphia today.
Neal Boortz also comments on the riots: Riots in London
These riots in London have taken on a socio-economic bent, pinning the achievers in Great Britain against the moochers. The more we hear from these people who are rioting, the more we realize that many are using this as an excuse to act out and show those evil rich people that "we can do what we want." Yeah, those evil rich people .. it's all their fault that our government benefits are being cut! This is our way of showing that "we're redistributing the wealth."
This is the direct result of liberal/socialist policies, this is the outcome.

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