Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Guitar Hero

This story is just crazy.

The Gibson Guitar Saga Gets Steadily Curiouser
It has come out that Juszkiewicz is a Republican donor, while the CEO of one of his principal competitors, C.F. Martin & Company, is a Democratic donor. Martin reportedly uses the same wood, but DOJ hasn't raided them, leading to speculation that the Obama administration is sending a warning to Republican businessmen that they had better not oppose his re-election, lest they face criminal investigations. Normally such speculation would not be credible, but Eric Holder has politicized the Department of Justice to a point where such questions must be taken seriously.
Mark Steyn relates a similar incident involving a piano maker.
They're antique pianos. They come with ivory keys. They're grandfathered in. There is no criminal intent and, in the most basic sense, no underlying crime. Yet he’s looking at being tossed in jail "for years"? Any "justice" system with such an utter lack of proportion is not justice at all. It speaks very poorly for us that we tolerate it.
As Jimmy McMillan might say: The government is too damn large.

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