Sunday, December 25, 2011

Chris Christie Doing What Needs Doing

Chris Christie Hammers Sick Leave Payouts For N.J. Public Sector
Chris Christie has become the quintessential anti-B.S. politician, and in a recent press conference over public employee benefits, the New Jersey governor showcased his principles and rhetorical skills. And it was all over public workers getting payouts for unused sick days.

I used to work for the state of New Jersey and I know the culture of corruption that exists there. Seems like he is stopping sick leave payouts, which is a big deal to some people who would save up their sick days but it doesn't seem like he will address sick leave policy. I worked at the Marlboro Psychiatric Hospital - now closed - and sick days were regularly used as personal days. You didn't have to be sick, no questions were ever asked and a lot of overtime was paid to cover those who called out. Nice job if you can get it, but it really is screwing over the taxpayers.

And what's up with that guy behind Christie, he has such an intense look on his face. Maybe he's one of those people who like to save up their sick days for the payout.

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