Thursday, December 01, 2011

You Will Be Assimilated

Dreams From My President
Trying to be self-supporting, helping your kids grow up healthy and be ready for the world, and pursuing "dreams" like learning about the world and loving the people you know -- these are not enough. You're not part of his collective. You're not transforming the world in the exact way Obama thinks it should be transformed.

And that's why it is a big problem. We cannot just live happily in two camps: we pursuing our dreams and he pursuing his. Because his dream must involve us. To the collectivist, you can't even have your own little country of individual dream-pursuers. He wants to transform the world.

To add insult to injury, collectivists really think they are on the side of the angels when making those demands. And to add further insult, they have the audacity to think they can read our minds. Obama attributes my behavior, values, and worldview to "cynicism." It's not cynicism; it's called healthy behavior. It's doing your own thing, in the real world, with people you actually know -- not some abstract, global collective, doing whatever the heck "transforming" is.

If I had to guess, I would say 30% of the population is, at core, collectivist. That is the real attractiveness of socialism, communism, Jacobinism, and other isms. A lot of people actually do want it. They yearn for it. They think it is in a higher plane of consciousness. To them, I am a cancer on the body of humanity -- a cell that won't join the body, the higher level. My dreams are not worthy. Their dreams are next to godliness.

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