Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cows Eating Candy?

What could go wrong?

Cows eating candy during the drought
His 1,400 cattle are no longer feeding off corn. The prices, Watson says, are too high to keep corn in stock. So earlier this year, he began to buy second-hand candy.
Corn prices are too high, of course, because the government in its infinite wisdom has decided that we are required to put ethanol in our gasoline. Ethanol is made mostly from corn. The government subsidizes this because no one actually wants ethanol in their gasoline as it reduces gas mileage and can damage the engine. No one wants to pay the ever higher prices for food that this is contributing to, either. Some can't.

Bonus points for more people on food stamps. Double bonus points for more sickly people (because our food is eating candy) who can't afford health care and must bend the knee to government for help.

Does anyone who voted for Obama see how government intervention in the private market causes EVERYTHING to cost more? People have to pay more for their personal needs and also pay more taxes because the government has to pay for the subsidies and take on the ever increasing numbers of people who just can't afford to live anymore.

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