Thursday, August 16, 2012

Lying in Jesus' Name

Because suddenly the atheist*, baby killing, money grubbing, elitist liars want you to believe they are for wealth redistribution because Jesus wants us to help the poor. I'm sorry, but where are all the poor people that have been helped by all the trillions of dollars that have been stolen from the American people and given to special interests of the Obama administration? Do I hear crickets? How are all these poor people being helped by tripling gas and electricity prices? Or losing their jobs because coal is not politically correct? Or dwindling donations to charity because people just can't afford to give anymore? How exactly are poor people being helped by the 'progressives' running the country into the ground? By adding to their number because misery loves company?

Funny how the politicians don't seem to have any problem accumulating wealth. How does that happen?
Stop ignorantly using Jesus to justify confiscation by a soulless government. It's very offensive to my religion. Frank J

The Truth Shall Set You Free
God does not want you to be manipulated by political or religious leaders. If there is one thing that ticked Jesus off, it was that very thing as practiced by the Sadducees and Pharisees. Freedom is a precious thing that propaganda will jeopardize. Jesus knew what he meant when he said the truth will set you free.
*No offense to atheists, by Marxist leaning governments are traditionally atheist and doing it in the name of Jesus is a new lie they have come up with.

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