Tuesday, January 22, 2013

But Where Are the Republicans?

NRA Ready to 'Stand and Fight'

No really, where are the Republicans? Pretty much all I hear are crickets.

If we lose the 2nd Amendment, we lose them all. There will not be freedom of speech (there is no freedom of speech in Canada or Europe), there will be no protection from search and seizure, there will be no innocent until proven guilty. Does America not realize this?

What America needs right now is politician control. Politicians are overstepping their bounds with impunity and trampling on the Constitution like it doesn't matter, and the Supreme Court mostly backs this heresy.

I must say I have often thought the way Jim O'Brien does in this essay: Giving Up On America
Now I know that God is patient. I know it from my own experience so it's a scary thing to think that eventually even God loses patience with a man. But He did. He made a decision to quit using Saul and move on to Plan B. From that point there was no need begging, pleading or even praying. The decision had been made in the 3rd heaven and the time had come to plan accordingly.

I think many Christians are making Samuel's mistake today in regard to America. They think they can change the mind of God by continual pleading. Now understand, I'm not a prophet nor do I claim a vision of divine revelation but I suspect a decision is already made about America and no amount of pleading will change it.

Nor am I sure when the decision was made. Maybe it was when America legalized abortion; maybe after the public approval of homosexuality; maybe with the rejection of God from textbooks and schools. There are abundant reasons to justify God's rejection of America as a protected and blessed nation!

But I was jarred into reality when I witnessed an entire political convention boo God. Now I'm left with a dilemma-I love my country but can I sincerely ask God to bless a country which has shown such contempt for God? I wonder what the Founding Fathers would do if they were alive today? I can't imagine John Adams or George Washington or even Ben Franklin going to war against England if the Continental Congress had expressed such disdain for God.
I don't know if there is no turning back, but I do know the road we are on leads to a tremendous amount of pain for a hell of a lot of people. It's hard knowing it is coming and not being able to do anything about it.
And He gave them into the hand of the nations; and those who hated them ruled over them. --Psalms 106:41

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