Friday, February 01, 2013

Good News is No News

A kid got a gun past metal detectors at Price Middle School in Atlanta yesterday. He shot and injured 1 boy and was apprehended by an armed school resource officer. This from Neal Boortz:
the shooter at the Price Middle School was apprehended by an armed school resource officer. Did you get that word “armed?” That’s right! There was an official in that school with a gun. That leaves you to wonder just who is making more sense here: Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano and her promotion of scissors as a defense against workplace (and presumably school) shooters? Or NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre who has suggested armed law enforcement in our government schools?
So I checked around to find the story in the news and it is there but guess what? No mention of an armed resource officer. Not here. Not here. Nor here. Not here either.

Finally, this one mentions he was armed. And this one.

So I guess the media is reluctant to admit that NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre was right about armed law enforcement in schools. What a suprise.

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