Saturday, October 05, 2013

Evil is as Evil does

Satan likes to trip people up, he enjoys causing problems, he finds glee in destruction. I don't see Obama or anyone in his administration or his party acting any differently. Who is being helped? Poor people? I've never seen so many homeless people out there, it's getting ridiculous. Obama is helping Obama and his already rich cronies. That's all. What he says is absolute bullshit, what is happening is real and that reality is about to smack you in the face whether you support him or not.

Dangerous Times: The Crisis-Monger
"From tip to toe, Obama is a crisis-maker, not a healer. He stirs up trouble every chance he gets. Ask yourself how any U.S. president could willfully try to worsen race relations in the United States by flipping the judicial verdict in the Zimmerman trial, and you will begin to see the real Obama. He doesn't care whether justice was done. He only whips up more racial rage."

"Obama favors instability because he can get his way only through crises. That is his ideology. That is also why he sneers at the U.S. Constitution, the great stabilizing foundation of America for two whole centuries."

"Leninism is nothing but personal animosity turned into government policy."

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