Thursday, October 03, 2013

Fence Sitting is No Longer an Option

Live Blogging Media Spin on Gov't Slowdown
Last week, as the prospect of a federal government shutdown loomed as reality, the President of the United States told the media that he would "not negotiate" with "house burners." And with that, the American mainstream media threw away their longstanding belief in "civil bipartisan compromise" in order to stand with Obama.
This morning on the radio they played clips of Obama and company comparing Republicans and Tea Partiers to terrorists, which are in the following video:

I was in the car with my wife - who doesn't actively follow the political scene, but she's not ignorant either - and after hearing the clips she said, " He's trying to start a civil war." And you know, I don't think she's wrong. He has to frame it correctly, of course, he can't look like the bad guy, but he's got the American media in his pocket, they are his puppets and they do what he says. The international scene is a distraction from what he wants to do- crush the American way and any who would defend it. He doesn't attack any international crisis with the relish and enthusiasm he attacks and mocks his political enemies. I say Obama, but he has a huge array of like-minded comrades both in and out of government. They are a real and present danger. They want an uprising so they can crush it. I don't doubt this any longer.

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