Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jesus Was For Big Government - Really?

Because I keep hearing from some people that Obama is doing God's work because as Christians we should use the government to help poor people. :-(

I was sent these: Hating the Poor but Loving Jesus?

Shall We Celebrate the 1%?

Basically, the jist is, if you are not for using government poverty programs and for redistributing wealth you hate poor people.

Well, I'm all for helping poor people but I believe the government does more harm than good. I believe using the government for such things enriches politicians and bureaucrats, not poor people. I believe people have a personal responsibility to help, not a collective one. Besides, if you are not giving freely, from the heart - such as when the government takes your money to redistribute - it breaks the spiritual laws of giving and blesses neither the giver nor the receiver (witness any of our inner cities). God's way of personal, voluntary giving blesses both.
"Jesus Christ was not about building empires. Jesus Christ was not about exercising control over other people. Jesus Christ was not about accumulating power."

--David Havir
Mr. Havir's message is not a political one, I just heard that and pulled it out. It fits, but he was talking church, not national politics.

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