Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Did You Know...

Scorpions can crawl on the ceiling? Yes they can. I was sitting on the sofa with Irma and James looked up and said "Look, a bug!" I looked up and said "Holy shit!, a scorpion!" Then James began repeating what I said and Irma smacked me. I have no idea what it was doing or how it got up there. Since it's a vaulted ceiling I had to stand on the arm of the sofa with a broom to get it down and crushed it and flushed it. It's time to poison the environment with some serious spraying again. Oh yes it is! The funny thing is we've been bug free this year except for these scorpions. It's the second one I've found in the house but we've seen a few outside, previous years I saw only dead ones.

Finding Nemo

I took James to see Finding Nemo today. It's the first time he's been to the movies. Before the movie even started he was saying he had to get out of there. He watched it mostly but kept saying he wanted to go and kept getting up. At one point he took his ring off (Irma just put it on him this morning) and dropped it on the ground. We found it. He did enjoy it though and laughed a few times and I saw him hiding his face from me in the sad part. When we got home he said he wanted to see it again. I liked it, it was pretty good and I don't like cartoons.

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